Friday, October 17, 2008

More Flash than Cash- AKA Champagne Tastes...

and a beer budget :)

So, I'm turning 30, not tomorrow- but soon. It's got a girl thinking: what do I really want from this journey called life? I sacrificed career to raise a family, my relationship (aka marriage) is in the toilet, and the economy right now is a joke. Not a very funny one, I might add. I met a mom at the bookstore yesterday and her husband was just laid off. She has two boys under five and no health care. "There but for the grace of God..."

I was not intending to take it there. I'm supposed to be writing about kinky, curly Black girl hair in all of its glory. I'm supposed to be excited about turning 30 and sharing my birthday wish list with you all. Sometimes life gets heavy and you need a few friends, and a ready ear, to lighten the load.

In an ideal world, my 30th birthday bash would be held in an outdoor cabana in Miami. John (Legend) would drop by and sing "Happy Birthday". I'd be surrounded by family and friends. We'd share laughs, tapas and mimosas. Fun times all around. My husband would shower me with Diamonique jewelry (I dare not sport a real diamond-but I will not stand on my soap box in this post) and a luxury designer bag that I would cherish forever. We'd walk along the beach and then retire to our suite. It sounds so good, don't you agree?

Below is my fantasy birthday wish-list. The dresses I would wear, jewels, and bags. Check out the gray slouch boots- a must have for the season and these are available at my home away from home, Target! The rainboots are a must for this schizophrenic Atlanta weather, and the knit beret has become a third appendage in my life these days, allowing me to be oh-so-ssylish while proecting my mane from too much wear-and tear.

Life is short, and no amount of money or material trappings will lengthen the days of any man's life. I get to spend every day watching my boys grow up. I'm fully present in every moment of every day and my life is richer because of it. I am becoming a wise woman. I am grateful, hopeful and faithful. I'm looking forward to 30. It means I've been around another year and there are things I still have left to learn. Until next time...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Hair Inspirations

a comic strip!

Top left: A GAP ad I am absolutely in looooove with.
Bottom left: Bre from ANTM cycle 5.
Center: The ever evolving, fantastically fierce, always fly, Ms. Erykah Badu.
Top right: Ms. Hill. Lauryn, we miss you!; The always golden Jill Scott. Hate on me haters!
Bottom right: The angelic Corrine Bailey Rae; Everyone's fave gal pal Tracee Ellis Ross.

I hope these lovely ladies inspire you to love your locs, pamper your tresses and allow your light to shine. True beauty radiates from the inside, out. Stay fly, ladies. As my good friend, Jewell, says, "Pick Fros, Not Fights!" Until next time.....