Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A quick hair update......

You all know my current cold-weather hair routine is 1 week of wearing twists, 1 week of a twist-out or puff, wash day every 2 weeks. That's the big picture. Let me hit you with the details:

  • Scalp massage on wash day using avocado oil, rosemary e.o blend
  • Nature's Blessing hair dressing on scalp while twisting
  • Refresh twists daily with leave-in and seal with oil
  • Set twists on rollers (sponge removed) on Saturday night for church
  • Twist- out Sunday, detangle and re-twist Sunday night. This is the key to fewer tangles on the next wash day.
  • Day before washing, saturate dry hair with fave conditioner and finger detangle
  • Wash day and repeat

This has helped my hair stay knot-free, and combing on wash day is much easier. I can't stress enough the importance of a GREAT arsenal of conditioners to moisturize and manage  our hair. *NOTE: conditioners that contain -cones provide excellent slip and aid in detangling, but beware. They build up on hair over time, even when you rinse thoroughly, and leave hair dried out and hard to manage. Try rotating your conditioners once a month, and shampoo or clarify your hair once a month to remove -cones.

What are some of your fave conditioners? Let us know!

Until next time....


cheri said...

I love your hair and your routine. This blog is great! I'm so glad I found you. Take care and thanks for helping out the sistas! Blessings.


Thank you, Cheri! Stay tuned for more great info on hair, skin care and makeup. It's my pleasure. Until next time...... Please tell a friend-Blessings, B

Ndeya said...

My favorite conditioner is Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditioner.
I also don't use products with cones, ever.