Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Killah' Combos

I was catching up with old chums on Facebook (Go Eagles!), and I saw a pic of my college homie sportin' some bangin' curls. If I had to guess, I would say her hair type is 3a/b/c. Here's her killah' combo:

Mixed Chics Leave In Conditioner and Kerastase Oleo Curl. Nice! Haven't tried these products myself because I'm 4a. Just sayin'.

I do, however, have several makeup/skincare killah' combos. Like to hear 'em, hear they go:

Everyone in my family has loooong lashes. Even the baby boys. My killah' combo of Cover Girl Lash Blast and Maybelline Great Lash mascaras (both in Blackest Black-this name just made me think of CB4. You know you saw it, too. LMAO. Chris sure has come a loooong way) make them look fake! Like lash extensions. I'm not kidding. It's sick. Try it.

Equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar (a weak acid) and Water to help with acne. I mix 1 capful of each, moisten a cotton round, apply all over face, leave on 5-10 min, then rinse thoroughly with cool water. This step is done after cleansing and before moisturing.

Aloe Vera Gel/Glycerin/EVOO as a serum or face mask. I have dry skin. Really dry. Like, I apply 3 layers of face cream in the winter dry. I use this mix of 1 tb AVG, 1/2 tb EVOO, and 1/4 tb Vegetable Glycerin (mixed and stored in a travel-sized container) as a serum applied lightly over my face cream (currently using Jason Vitamin E Creme. LOVE!). When I have more time, I slather on a generous amount as a face mask. Let sit 10-15 min, then remove with a warm wash cloth. This makes my skin so soft and radiant. And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows. LMAO.

I'll leave you with one more juicy beauty tidbit. The best killah' combo, EVER!- mixing fragrances. Now, I'm not new to this, I'm true to this. There are rules and regulations to this beauty science. Please continue reading before you go and mix Angel with Romance.

Research fragrance families

Discover your fragrance personality

Layer lotions, shower gels and body splashes in exact (or complimentary) families as your fragrance to intensify your scent and make it last all day and night.

Off to enjoy the sunny weather! Until next time...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rip Your Own Runway

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! Rip the Runway aired last night on BET and I could not wait to bring you the hotness!

Joy Bryant and Derek Luke gave us Young Black Hollywood as the evening's hosts. Joy's stunning strapless Maxi Dress with embellishments- one word-A-Mah-Zing!

Our girl Korto Momolu from Project Runway was, by far, the best treat of the evening. At least for me. Equally delightful were all the Kinky Curly Cuties struttin' down the runway. Owwwwww! (As in, "All the ladies in the house say Owwwwwww)!

1. Designer Korto Momolu

2. Kinky Curly Cutie in an LBD

3. The baddest Chunky Fro and the baddest jumpsuit- Period!

4. Model Stacey McKenzie in Korto Momolu gown

Did you see the bold, feminine hair accessories? Mama said, "Put a flower in it." KC Magazine will never steer you wrong. Here's designer Byron Lars and more lovely Curlies givin' us Spring. You-Bettah-Work!

Designer Johnny Vincent showcased swim wear, and Douglas Says showed love to full-figured women.

In true BET style, performances from T.I., Ron Browz, and Keri Hilson were show highlights. If you missed any of this goodness, (in true BET style) the show will re-air Thursday night.

KC Magazine is giving it to 'ya- Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Jewels, Inspiration, Motivation, Appreciation, Relaxation....... Stay Tuned!

ETA: Joy Bryant's flowing pink silk gown is from Missoni.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kinky Curly Love

I started this blog because I believe Brown girls are grossly underrepresented in mainstream fashion and beauty mags. Imagine my surprise to see beauty tips for Kinky (yes, they used the word) hair in Glamour. Finally showin' us some love. Progress is often slow, but the world will catch on. This Kinky Curly Cutie demands it.

Check out these healthy hair tips from Glamour magazine.

Kinky/Curly Cutie

Beyonce, or is this Sasha?, for an upcoming issue of Ebony Magazine.

Even if it isn't hers, even if the look is temporary, I still think it's cute. What about you?

Put A Ring On It

.... and a flower in it! Hey, 'yall. Spring is upon us and I am writing this just in time. The hot hair trend for Spring 2009 is Hair Accessories. Some like it bold, others like it girly, some like it slick, others like it glitzy. Which ever way you like, there is something here for you.

This is a look from the Louis Vuitton show (sorry for posting a clear girl on the page. Don't hold it against me. LOL. At least she's tryna' represent with the puff- or should I be offended?)

....and some of my picks of the season

Bold Curlies: Feathered headbands scream "look at me", and with your gorgeous 'fro they certainly will

Girly Curlies: Sweet and simple for day or date night with a flowered head band

Slick Curlies: Keep ponies sophisticated and minimal with designer accessories from Juicy Couture or Coach

Glitzy Curlies: Shine on with rainbow bright gems, crystals and rhinestones on headbands, combs, or pin a cluster of brooches in your hair.

Don't forget to watch Rip The Runway tonight on BET and get creative! Until next time.....

Spring 2009 Hair