Monday, March 2, 2009

Put A Ring On It

.... and a flower in it! Hey, 'yall. Spring is upon us and I am writing this just in time. The hot hair trend for Spring 2009 is Hair Accessories. Some like it bold, others like it girly, some like it slick, others like it glitzy. Which ever way you like, there is something here for you.

This is a look from the Louis Vuitton show (sorry for posting a clear girl on the page. Don't hold it against me. LOL. At least she's tryna' represent with the puff- or should I be offended?)

....and some of my picks of the season

Bold Curlies: Feathered headbands scream "look at me", and with your gorgeous 'fro they certainly will

Girly Curlies: Sweet and simple for day or date night with a flowered head band

Slick Curlies: Keep ponies sophisticated and minimal with designer accessories from Juicy Couture or Coach

Glitzy Curlies: Shine on with rainbow bright gems, crystals and rhinestones on headbands, combs, or pin a cluster of brooches in your hair.

Don't forget to watch Rip The Runway tonight on BET and get creative! Until next time.....

Spring 2009 Hair

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