Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do It! Do It!

It's been a while dahlings, but I'm back. I've been trying new products, attending industry events, and mixin' it up in the lab (aka my kitchen).

Since going natural and adopting the CG Method, I've been scrambling to find products that work for my hair, and struggling to find a weekly routine I could stick to. Browsing the hair forums, I came across new methods like "baggying" and "sealing" that I had never done before to my hair. After reading hundreds of threads, I think I've found a weekly routine that I can stick to. It's work, I use way too many products, but my hair looks healthy, feels great and I'm worth it! In a perfect world, this is what I do weekly:

Pre-poo overnight with oil

Wash 1x monthly with shampoo

Co-wash with conditioner

Detangle out of the shower with wide tooth comb and paddle brush. Section hair into 4 sections

Leave sectioned hair in clips and rinse conditioner

Apply hair mask 1x month

Apply deep treatment to hair in sections

Sit under hooded dryer 30 minutes

Remove clips and rinse DT

Moisturize with Qhemet Biologics Detangling Ghee and Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier. Comb through

Apply Trader Joe's Nourish Spa conditioner as a leave-in

Apply shea butter

Seal with oil

At this point, my hair is cleansed, soft, detangled and full of moisture. I can style it any number of ways, usually in 2x twists.

Apply light oil to scalp. Massage

Spray each day with a mix of water, conditioner and oil in a spray bottle. Spray again at night and baggy.

The Vocab:

Sealing- Applying an oil to well moisturised and conditioned hair to lock in moisture

Baggy- Applying moisturizing product to hair and applying a plastic cap and leaving over night

Pre-poo- Saturating hair in oil and leaving overnight. Shampoo in the morning

Word to the wise: Do your research. What works for one kinky girl may not work for another. Experimenting is the fun part of this natural journey. Good luck, dahlings! Until next time.....

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