Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer-ize Your 'Fro

Sunday was wash day for me, and after a much needed DT, I had the softest, shiniest 'fro on the block. By mid-week, my hair was feeling a little fried. The sun can do damage to our hair as well as our skin. Some tips to summer-ize your 'fro:

Weekly deep conditioning treatments

Daily moisturizing with water spritz and/or water based product

Add a night time moisture treatment. Try shea butter applied to hair in sections. Braid, twist or pony (depending on hair length), baggy and sleep with a satin bonnet

Add a mid-week co-wash to your summer hair routine

Try wearing protective styles and keep twist-outs to a minimum

Cover up your locks with a silk scarf when out in the sun

Hope this helps! Until next time......

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